Planting the Dream


Back in 2011, the ‘would be skipper’ was working at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.  As part of his professional development, he decided to participate in an INPO review visit at the Clinton Power Station in Illinois.  

While on this trip, the ‘would be skipper’ met one Al Darelius who had just purchased a trawler.  Like a grandparent showing pictures of their grandkids, Al was busy showing pictures of his new boat and talking about something called America’s Great Loop.  Al also discussed the America’s Great Loop Cruising Association (AGLCA) that provides information to people planning and cruising the loop.

After returning home, the ‘would be skipper’ shared the ‘Loop’ with his bride and they decided that this sounded like something to add to their ever growing bucket list.

The ‘would be skipper’ is a big reader, so he ordered a couple of books to research this adventure further:

1- Honey, Let’s Get a Boat by Ron and Eva Stob

2- Changing Course by Paul and Sheryl Shard

After reading the books and researching the Great Loop on the web:

1 – Captain John’s America’s Great Loop,

2 – America’s Grat Loop Cruisers’ Association,

the couple was hooked and they knew this was something they would have to pursue.

Now that the dream was planted, the happy couple needs to figure out how to cut the anchor from this land existence and navigate to full time livaboards.  They set a goal to be on the water in 2015, but with no real plan on how to get there from here.   Hhhmmmm

2 Comments on “Planting the Dream

  1. Anchors away. Enjoyed reading all your entries “would be skipper”and wife. On e under way , will you change your name to “Skipper”? 🙂


    • We will get some needed on the job training next week. If I earn my dolphins, I will graduate to nervous skipper.


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