I survived

The fourth started innocent enough, a short little bike ride (5.2 miles) to pick up a few needed items to make life aboard the boat a little better.

Celebrating the 4th in Stuart, Fl. This flag once flew in Iraq. Thanks Mike.
Celebrating the 4th in Stuart, Fl. This flag once flew in Iraq. Thanks Mike.

This biking adventure started at about 0930 while it was still cool, but did not end until after 1430 after a few added detours, 90 degree weather, with 87 percent humidity.  Total distance 15 miles.

First stop – Our bikers set out to get the ‘would be skipper’s, phone fixed.  Seems it was dropped, broke, and basically dysfunctional since May 28th.  The repair shop was over a mile long bridge with a 100 foot elevation gain at the center.  The mate got a little help to make it over the bridge as the ‘would be skipper’ rode beside her with his hand on her back and pushed them both up and over.  Coasting down the other side of the bridge brought them to the repair shop.  Good News – The shop performed surgery and brought the phone back to life.  Bad News – bunch of specialty shops in this area that need to be shopped down by the mate.  More Good News – shops closed due to Holiday.

Second Stop – rain delay, had to pull in to another shopping center because of showers.  They found a closed restaurant with outdoor furniture to wait out the storm.  This gave the mate a chance to make a call to Judith Nix to see how she was doing.

Third Stop – top of next big bridge, another 100 foot, mile long bridge.  Needed to take a rest stop at the top of the bridge.  Boy, does it heat up fast here in Florida, or what.

Fourth Stop – West Marine, bought a grill for the boat, but now the ‘would be skipper’ has a flat front tire

Fifth Stop – 5 Guys Burger and Fries, you have to have a burger on the fourth, and if you have to have a burger………..they do not get much better than this.

Sixth Stop – half mile in wrong direction to get air for tire

Side stop. Like the verbiage on the sign
Side stop. Like the verbiage on the sign

Seventh Stop – two miles in the wrong direction to go to Walmart to get patch kit for tire.

Eighth Stop – back at the bottom of the two bridges, rest up before tackling the first bridge.

Ninth Stop – top of first bridge

Tenth Stop – top of second bridge, mate informed ‘would be skipper’ to get to the boat and make sure the AC is working so it is cool when she gets there

Eleventh Stop – back home on the boat, where the mate was heard saying “I survived” as she was sitting down to rest and cool off.

After relaxing a bit, the two set off for a swim at the pool and some pool side reading and napping.

The fireworks were set to start at 2100 hundred so our crew headed back up the first bridge to get a birds eye view of the show.

The Stuart show was upstaged by a river front homeowner who also started shooting his fireworks at 2100.  The amateur show went for 20 minutes and the reflection in the water was spectacular.  Amazing what you can do when you pass the hat in a multi million dollar housing addition.

From the perch on the bridge, one could see fireworks in 360 degrees. Very impressive!

After things slowed down, our couple hiked back to the boat to turn in after a long day.

Time to bring this day to a close
Time to bring this day to a close

Hopefully the AC install will complete early in the week and the boat can set off to Vero Beach.

2 Comments on “I survived

  1. Speciality / Upscale stores will be open tomorrow 🎉
    Good News for mate / Bad News for “would be skipper” 😂


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