Two for the Price of One

Our adventurers made their first solo run from Vero Beach to Cocoa, Florida on Friday, July 10th.  The run was a total of 55 miles, 5 bridges and no locks.

The morning started with glassy smooth water and no breeze.  They cast off the mooring ball at 0909 and headed north up the Indian River which contains the ICW in this part of Florida.

Newbie skipper pulling away from mooring field
Newbie skipper pulling away from mooring field

Initially the shore line was still huge homes, but this gave way as they moved north to less populated areas.  At one point they traveled along the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Osprey nest cover up the navigational aids. What marker was that?
Osprey nest covering up the navigational aids. What marker was that?

The pic of the day was when a pod of dolphins decided to ride the wake of the big Viking.  Back in the day when I was traveling between Iceland and Greenland, I could never get the crew to row fast enough to get a wake the Dolphins could ride.  This was pretty exciting to see.

First Dolphine photos
First Dolphin photos
Dolphins beside the boat
Dolphins beside the boat

Another interesting creature was the several miles of jellyfish that were in the water today. We never saw a no swimming sign, but I think we will just stay out of the water today. No since risking getting stung by a jellyfish.

Can you find the jellyfish?
Can you find the jellyfish?

Claudia also spent about one and a half hours behind the wheel today.  Gaining some valuable experience at the helm.   But as the crew neared the destination, it was time to turn over the helm to our newbie skipper and see how he handles his first docking attempt.

After taking a slooooow approach to the slip (in fact the marina dock hand thought the boat got lost it took so long to get in the marina) our newbie skipper managed to safely dock the boat in the designated slip.  However, when attempting to hook up shore power, the cable was about ten feet short.  The marina reassigned the crew a new slip and they got to practice their docking skills again.

After getting the boat safely in the second slip, the newbie skipper spent another hour adjusting lines to be tied up to Captain Geoff standards.  We hope he would be proud of the spring lines.  One thing the crew has learned is, you tie up for the weather you may get, not the weather you have.

After cooling down and a little supper, our crew went ashore to stroll thru the town of Cocoa.  The two block historic district is a easy walk from the waterfront and has many specialty boutiques and art stores.

Art work in Cocoa. Many of the buildings show historic scenes
Art work in Cocoa. Many of the buildings show historic scenes

The store that caught the eye of the crew was the ice cream business.  Peach ice cream was ordered up to celebrate the days success.

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