Jessica’s Reflection

Eric is delighted to share a blog entry by Jessica.  The following are her words and reflections of her adventure on Still Waters II………..

I arrived aboard Still Waters II on the evening of August 8th in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Leaving Myrtle Beach
Leaving Myrtle Beach

Having only been on a boat 2 other times in my life, I had no clue what I was in for. All I knew was I was in need of a vacation, I had never been to the Carolina’s, and I love to fish.

Never in a million years did I think I was about to experience the most relaxing, and enjoyable vacation I have had in a long time.

On August 9th we pulled out of Myrtle Beach and headed north.

After sitting up in the helm with David and Claudia for about an hour, I began to learn about the boating life style. I learned about the red and green makers to keep you on course. Red meaning it is the side closest to the heartland and if there is a small triangle in it you are in the ICW (Inter-coastal Waterway).

At the Helm
At the Helm

After a few hours David asked me if I wanted a turn at the wheel. I was like heck yeah! In the back of my head thinking I’m about to speed this sucker up because you are going way too slow and people are passing us! I quickly learned that you actually have to pay attention to where you are going because depths of water change rapidly and that going slower saves gas. Whamp. Whamp!

Lockwood Folly Inlet - Whamp - Whamp
Lockwood Folly Inlet – Whamp – Whamp

During my week aboard, I learned how to tie knots, help dock the boat, and pilot the boat all while taking in the sights. I did have a mishap while fishing one night. Somehow while reaching down to grab some bait, I managed to drop my polarized Rayban sunglasses to the bottom of the marina. Rookie mistake!

Location of sun glasses
Location of sun glasses

Eric editorial comment – Jessica thought about diving for her glasses. The water was only about 7 feet deep. But then she remembered the gator in the water and decided the gator could keep the glasses.

Where are my sun glasses?
Where are my sun glasses?

When we arrived in Ocracoke, NC, I learned about Blackbeard and that we were staying in the waters that he pirated.

The night before I left, David got us a fishing charter and I got to reel in a 30″ Red Drum!


I had a blast aboard Still Waters II. I think I have found a new love and now all I need to do is figure out how to make enough money to retire, buy a boat, and join them along Americas Great Loop.

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