The Relunctant Boater

Hello fellow adventurers and virtual crew members!

Eric here gladly posting a log from the perspective of the guests Dave Weyandt (aka Fender Boy) and Martha (aka Best Mate Martha) who took a five day adventure on Still Waters II.  In their own words:

Fender Boy and Best Mate Martha are reporting on their best adventure ever!!

BMM in Life Jacket with First Mate on day 1

BMM was very reluctant about the trip when FB said he wanted to go. She
finally agreed and off they went to Jacksonville, Florida to meet the crew
on Still Waters II.  The boat was awesome and the crew, from the minute
we arrived to the minute we left, was outstanding. We can’t say enough
about the crew. The next morning, BMM strapped on her life preserver and the boating adventure began.

Day 1 ended at Jacksonville Beach with lots of rain, but it didn’t matter because we had a skillet cookie topped with ice cream to end our first leg of the trip.

FB playing in the Atlantic Ocean

Day 2 started with a walk/run to the Atlantic Ocean beach where FB had to
get in and ride the waves. Still Waters II got underway and headed south to
Palm Coast and the Hammock Beach Resort. (BMM got brave and put her life preserver away).  Dolphins were spotted swimming with the boat. It was amazing, as were the houses all along the waterway. The resort was so nice we stayed there two nights.

BMM at the helm


During our stay, much time was spent at: the beach, the largest hot tub we’d ever seen, the lazy river, and the game room. The skipper introduced  us to the ping pong game called, “Around the World” that turned out to be lots of fun to play. (Especially when BMM was the champion of all the games.)

FB, First Mate, and skipper enjoying the hot tub

Card games were played back on the boat where the skipper loves the first mate so much he lost the game of Hearts so she could be the winner.

Enjoying a little ping pong in the game room

Day 4 on the water led Still Waters II back north to St. Augustine, known
as the oldest continuously occupied city in the nation – 450 years and counting. A sight seeing tour on the Little Red Train and a tour of the St. Augustine Lighthouse were the hi-lights of the day.


Day 5, the last leg of the adventure, turned out to be the best traveling
day of the week. The weather was perfect for a 30 mile run in the ocean, so
the skipper and FB said, so off we went. The water was beautiful, filled
with jellyfish and dolphins. It was the perfect way to finish a great
adventure, one we’ll never forget!!!!!

The last supper back in Jacksonville

One Comment on “The Relunctant Boater

  1. to: Best Mate Martha
    from: 1st Mate
    “the skipper loves the first mate so much that he lost the game of hearts so she could be the winner”
    is hysterical – after being aboard for 6 days surely you know that You beating the skipper at ping pong and several other games, that he only lost letting me win so that you would not win !!

    Thanks for being wonderful guests, we had a BLAST and are looking forward to your next adventure with us on Still Waters II


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