2016 Map

The map shows the places  we stopped along America’s Great Loop in 2016.  There is also a short comment on distances travelled and things we did at the different locations.

2016 Travel Map

2016 Interactive Map

Some virtual crew members have asked if there is a way to follow the route more accurately on a map. I am proud to let you know that there is an app for that.

Go to your app store and search for Avenza PDF Maps. Download the free app. Within the app there is a store. You can go to the in app store and download free charts of the areas the crew is passing thru by putting the chart number in the search window.

Even has a pretty magenta line that shows the travel path through the water. On travel days, the skipper updates the 2016 travel map link. The skipper will provide you the chart numbers along with a short summary of the day’s cruise in the travel map link.

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