All We Lack is Finishing Up

Ahoy Mates!

Eric back,  with a little update on the crew of Still Waters II.

Foggy morning at the marina

Our crew has been working diligently on getting the boat ready for the 2016 cruising season.  New furniture, new rugs, refurbished cabinet, updated stairs, and many other smaller items on the Admiral’s To Do List.  Yes, the skipper has been busy this winter!

The skipper also added a 2015 map that links to the stops along the journey last year.  You can find the link near the top right corner labeled mysteriously as “2015 Map.”  The good news is that the Admiral has just about completed her over haul of the interior decorating and the summer cruising season is just around the corner.

Walking around the local neighborhood


Current thinking is that the crew will leave Jacksonville March 29 and head south down the St Johns River for a few days.  After exploring the River, the crew will head north back to Norfolk for the spring rendezvous  of the America’s Great Loop Cruising Association (AGLCA).

One of many local little parks


The crew will then make way for Cape May, New Jersey where they stopped their forward progress in October 2015 due to cool weather.  From Cape May, the crew will head to NYC, up the Hudson River, and then cross Lake Ontario into Canada.  Eventually making it to Chicago about Labor Day Weekend.

Shake a leg and let’s get going. Boat from Christmas parade.

Hope to see you back aboard as a virtual crew member!

Enjoy the ride, maintain course and speed.

The skippers favorite local historical marker


8 Comments on “All We Lack is Finishing Up

  1. Can’t wait to go along with you this year. Will be taking notes. Manasquan Inlet my old stomping grounds. Just north of Cape May. Great places to lay over for the night, the shrimp box and surrounding places to eat are great.


  2. David, Claudia
    Good to see that your about to re-start your journey of a lifetime. We look forward to following you. I like your new map link. We attended the fall rendezvous at Wheeler state park, it was great alot of boats to view. Keep those posts coming. Be safe—Andy & Cindy


  3. Thanks for telling folks hi for me. Someone has to keep the lights on. ‘It’s all good’ as you like to say.


  4. Thanks for the Update Dave. I can’t wait to hear more News about your Adventures, I will let the guys at work know your living our dreams. And doing fine. Ken.


  5. Love the photos – especially Foggy Morning at the Marina. I don’t know if you can technically claim to have had a beak but whatever you call it, it’s definitely been productive. Your plans for resuming sound wonderful. A few years ago I vacationed in upstate NY along the Hudson and thought it was fabulous. Enjoy.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Welcome back it has been to long! Can’t wait to see the stories unfold this year. Be safe


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