All Aboard!!

After maintenance and repairs that took six weeks, I am happy to announce that Still Waters II is back to cruising.

In fact the crew left the Huckins Yacht Corporation on Monday morning and cruised twenty eight miles to the Jacksonville Free Dock on the Atlantic Inter Costal Waterway.

I wanted to let all the virtual crew members out there know it is time to get back on board.

If you would like to join the adventure as a virtual crew member, and get an e-mail when a post is made to the blog, click on the blog link below, and then click the ‘follow’ button.

You can access the blog at the following link: Voyaging America’s Great Loop Aboard Still Waters II.

I will begin to update the Still Waters II blog every Sunday providing a summary of the weeks cruising shenanigans.

I have also begun updating the travel map on the days the crew travels.  You can access the travel map from the blog above or directly at this link: Cruising America’s Great Loop 2017.

Hope to see you on board Still Waters II soon as a virtual crew member!

Eric the Red




6 Comments on “All Aboard!!

  1. Dave,
    Curious to what kind of repairs and maint? Do you mind giving a ball park est on the bill? Just trying to tweak my budget, My wife and I really like your boat, and we are thinking of something similar.

    -Scott from CA


    • Our initial survey (2015) called out that the cutlass bearings wee worn. We did not replace them back then. After 10,000 miles and hitting a rock the vibration was getting worse so we decided to have the running gear fixed. Replaced the port strut, straightened the STBD rudder, replaced all four bearings, replaced the shaft packing, and got the engines realigned with the shaft. We had some smaller items fixed also and had two coats of bottom paint applied while she was out of the water. It was <15 K.


      • Thank you, someday maybe I can go over my budget with you, looks like we’ll have about 4k /month to work with. Still trying to decide between single and twin screw. I like the economy of a single. Something that will burn 2 to 3 GPH.


  2. Good to hear from you. Look forward to your updates.
    Russ Kunkel


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