Treasures of Memories

Hello virtual crew members and fellow adventures!

Eric here with the latest travels of Still Waters II.

Who knew Pepsi-Cola was born in New Bern and was originally called Brad’s Drink?



Summary of week:

The crew did not venture far on the waterways this week because they spent most of the week on shore excursions with their grandkids.  They spent Sunday exploring New Bern.  They managed a day cruise on Monday afternoon for about 3.5 hours, and a Pirate Cruise on Tuesday out of Beaufort, North Carolina.  On Wednesday, they went to Plymouth to go bear hunting and actually saw four bears.

The grandkids headed home on Thursday so our crew took a day of rest to recover from all the fun.  On Friday, the crew cruised almost 60-miles and dropped anchor to spend a quite evening on the hook.  Saturday, they made a short 22-mile run to Belhaven and stopped at the River Forest Marina for the weekend.

New Bern - Belhaven
Moving north in North Carolina

To read the day-to-day travel log, click on this link.

Still Waters II VIMEO site

At the Box Office this week, is a short video of the pirate crew in training, practicing their sword fighting skills, the battle to secure the treasure, and celebrating the victory.

Beaufort Pirate Revenge from Still Waters II on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The grandkids arrived early in the morning to the New Bern area after a long two-day drive from Bryan/College Station, Texas.  After everyone (mainly parents) got some needed rest, The Lathers Crew showed up at the boat and the whirlwind began.  The skipper took the crew on a walk around town and the nearby parks.

While walking in the park and playing Pokémon Go, the skipper noticed the crew of Leap of Faith sitting on a park bench near their boat.  Turns out the bridge only opens at 1600 on Sundays so they had a two hour wait before they could move to the marina.

Colonial Palace


Monday, June 26, 2017

The skipper took The Lathers Crew out on a day cruise from the marina.  They cruised out about 10 miles and then turned around and headed back to the marina.  The Lathers Crew was fascinated by the bascule bridge opening and were excited beyond delight when they passed an Osprey nest with a mother and chick.

vacation 1
Eager anticipation of some of the Lathers Crew

The skipper was nervous as the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof, but the worry was for naught as The Lathers Crew managed to all make it back to the marina without anyone initiating a man-overboard-drill.  Not many pics of the cruise because the adults were all busy herding the cats, if you know what I mean.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Lathers Crew headed to Beaufort for a Pirate Cruise.  After a picnic lunch, it was off to the Maritime Museum where they participated in a scavenger hunt around the museum.  There were over twenty objects they each had to find to earn their reward.


Seems the most popular items were the whale heart and Louie the Rat.  After all items were found they each got a sticker commemorating their success and a sea shell.

vacation 2
Scavenger hunters with list

Next it was time to take part in the Pirate Revenge Adventure.

On the pier prior to adventure
Safety Briefing
Preparing for battle
vacation 7
Currently losing the battle
Dividing the spoils of war

After the hard-fought battle to win the treasure, The Lathers Crew spent their new-found wealth on ice cream.  Well, maybe their Papa Fuller (our skipper) pulled a few George Washington’s out of his pocket and paid for the ice cream because plastic gold coins are not really worth much.  (but don’t tell The Lathers Crew.)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Lathers Crew headed to Plymouth to visit the God’s Creation Museum.  When they arrived, they found a new Bear-Ology exhibit about the North Carolina Black Bears.


vacation 6
Beth doing an excellent job narrating the tour at the museum


They watched a 20-minute film about the bears and then enjoyed the museum exhibits.  The Skipper asked if there was anywhere nearby that they could go and see live bears.

vacation 3
In the theatre

vacation 5

Beth’s answer was similar to the disclaimer you get from any financial planner, “now I cannot guarantee you will see a bear……. but you might try the Pungo Wildlife Refuge.”

After the museum tour and the necessary shark tooth fossil dig, The Lathers Crew set off for the Pungo National Wildlife Refuge.

Digging for shark teeth

While driving around the Refuge, the crew spotted a lone Black Bear.  The Lathers Crew went wild.  Then after driving around some more they came upon another bear, and she had two small cubs.  And yes, the crowd went wild again.  Unfortunately, the skipper did not bring his telephoto lens, so the ‘Kodak Moment’ is not all that great.  But trust me, that is a North Carolina Black Bear and cub.

vacation 9
Sow and one of the two cubs

Thursday, June 29, 2017

As stated earlier, The Lathers Crew hit the road back towards home early in the morning.  They planned to head south towards Georgia to Amicalola Falls and then on to the Atlanta Aquarium to wrap up their 2017 vacation.  Ahh, to be young again and have endless energy.


vacation 10
Atlanta Aquarium


Our crew just lazed around all day to rest up from the whirlwind known as The Lathers Crew.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Our crew set out to make the 24-miles back to the ICW and then head east towards Belhaven.  After a 58-mile cruise, the crew dropped anchor in the Campbell Creek for the night.

While performing engine checks following the run, the skipper noticed the alternator belt was broken on the starboard engine.  The skipper decided to rely on the solar panels and replace the belt on Sunday after the engines have a day to cool off.

IMG_0293, stm 175
Back on the ICW at mile 175

Shortly after stopping it began to rain.  When the rain stopped a beautiful rainbow appeared, then a double rainbow appeared.

IMG_0304, stm 155

Sharing our anchor spot with these folks on a sailboat.

IMG_0301, stm 155

Saturday, July 1, 2017

After a morning rain shower passed, the crew weighed anchor and made the last 22 miles to Belhaven.  After getting docked with the help of a young dock hand, the dock master showed up and asked the crew to move over to the other side of the pier.  So they backed off the pier, rounded the T-dock, and pulled back up to the pier to get settled.  You can never get enough practice docking in 15 knot winds.

IMG_0305, stm 150 Pamlico River
Mile 150 in Pamlico River

The dock master said there was a 70-footer coming in and he needed that side to park the big boat.  There was also supposed to be four other boats showing up here today.  Looks like the wind and rain have kept them away.  The dock master did say they were ‘fair weather’ boaters and was not surprised by their no-show.

 Boat Name of the Week

The Scalawag


Next Week –

The crew will continue their northbound journey towards Norfolk to complete the Atlantic ICW leg of the Loop.

Loop On

The water goes on forever and the adventure never ends.

Eric the Red

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  1. Hi Dave, Terry and I would still like to hook up with you and Claudia when you get above the Bay Bridge. Not sure what your plans are, as you come up the bay. We keep our boat at Chesapeake Yachting Center, on Frog Mortar Creek. We are the last marina on the creek. There is another marina on the way in (Long Branch) with brand new floating pier, Both have transient, slips Plenty of good anchorage as you pass Long Branch. We could come pick you up, take you to dinner and run some errands. Would love to see the boat and bend your ear about the loop. If this is to far out of your way maybe we could meet you at one of your stops, via boat or car. Hope to here from you soon.

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