Hello virtual crew members and fellow adventurers!  Eric here with the latest travels of Still Waters II.

We have a new virtual crew member, Welcome Aboard KMHowitt!!

Summary of week:

BBYHThe crew only travelled two days in the past week.  On Tuesday they cruised to the Middle River and meet some new friends.  On Wednesday they made their way to the Elk River and then the Bohemia River before docking at the Bohemia River Yacht Harbour.

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Monday, July 17 , 2017

You might recall the crew met a boat back in Zimmerman’s who had engine trouble and was having one engine rebuilt.  The trouble was due to the raw water pump impeller failing which lead to the engine overheating.  The skipper asked the mechanics how often one should change out the raw water pump impeller and the answer surprised the skipper.  They recommended replacing the impeller annually.  Still Waters II’s impellers were last changed in June 2015 when the crew first moved onboard.

Since the skipper believes that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, he decided it was time to change the impellers.  The marina did not have the impellers that the skipper needed, so Zimmerman’s had the impellers delivered to the Herrington Harbour North marina.

On Monday morning, the skipper walked over and picked up the impellers.   He then spent most of the day changing the impellers out.  It was a good thing the engines had not run in a few days because the engine room was hot enough without any additional heat.  Turns out that his time was well spent because the impeller blades had began to crack and failure was imminent.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

88 Tim & Terry
Tim & Terry

Tim and Terry became virtual crew members back in May 2017 when they began to follow the Still Water II adventures.

Tim and Terry are in the planning phase of cruising the Loop and reached out to our crew to see if they could arrange a face-to-face meeting.

The crew was excited to meet some virtual crew members and help them with any questions that they might have about the Loop.

The crew made a calm cruise up to the Middle River and docked at Bowley’s Marina.  The cruise did take the crew past some landmarks on the Bay.

The Thomas Point Shoal Light

The lighthouse is the only screw-pile lighthouse in the Bay which still stands at its original location.  The light was originally lit in 1875 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places a hundred years later in 1975.  The light was automated in 1986.  The white light has a range of 16 nautical miles while the red light has a range of 11 nautical miles.  The Coast Guard was passing by as the skipper was taking this shot.


The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

From the Colonial Period until the Bay Bridge was completed in 1952, Ferries were used to cross the Bay.  Talk of building a bridge across the Bay began in the 1880’s.  The bridge was finally authorized in 1927, but because of the economic collapse of the Great Depression construction was cancelled.  The construction was further delayed because of WWII.  Ground was finally broken in January 1949, and the bridge opened to traffic July 30, 1952.

The bridge at one point is 186 feet above the water.  The narrow lanes, with no shoulders, and low guardrails, have earned the bridge the title of one of the scariest bridges to drive across.  At a little over four miles to cross in high winds, yes that would be a scary ride.

46 five miles out from Bay Bridge
Five Miles from Bay Bridge
Passing under Bay Bridge

The Sandy Point Shoal Light

This light house was originally lit in 1883.  She was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.  In 2006, the Coast Guard auction the lighthouse off to a private bidder after unsuccessfully trying to get a non-profit to take the lighthouse.

50 Sandy Point Shoal Light

After arriving at the marina, the crew got settled and awaited the arrival of their guests.  Tim and Terry arrived about 1730 and suggested the By the Docks Seafood Restaurant.  They also suggested the crab cakes.  The foursome enjoyed the meal and talking about the Great Loop.  The Admiral believes that the crab cakes were the best she has ever eaten.

After a great meal the four returned to the boat and continued to talk about the Loop.  Tim and Terry also shared about a week charter that they had taken back in May.  They charted a Grand Banks and spent a week cruising the Chesapeake Bay.  However, some folks still have to work, so Tim and Terry departed and headed for home.

The crew had a wonderful time and hope and pray for Tim and Terry to be able to fulfill their dream of cruising the Loop.  Until then, our crew is glad that they are virtual crew members aboard Still Waters II.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The crew left the Middle River and made their way to the Elk River and then the Bohemia River where they docked at the Bohemia River Yacht Harbour.  There was very little wind and things were shaping up for another hazy, hot, humid day.

52 Looking out from Middle River
Looking across the haze of the Bay from Middle River

If you look closely at the pic above, you can see a small crab boat off to the left of center.  As the crew approached they were able to get a good view of the crab men working their pots.  The skipper was trying to take a picture and caught one of the guys with a big smile and a wave.


As the crew approached the Elk River they watched these four sailboats motor by.


Then about the time the skipper was about to turn to starboard and head into the Bohemia River, this behemoth came around the bend from the C&D Canal.  The skipper gladly got out of the big ship channel and let this big boy go by.


The skipper had tried to make reservations for a week at the Yacht Harbour, but the marina was full for the weekend so the crew would only get to stay until Friday.  The skipper spent some time while they were cruising trying to figure out where they might go for the weekend.  Upon arrival at the marina the crew was informed of a few cancellations and were able to secure a spot for the week.

Saturday, July 22 , 2017

The last few days have continued to be hot and humid.  However, the Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbour has a nice swimming pool.  The crew has been taking it easy and enjoying the A/C and pool.  They also have procured a rental car and headed over to Delaware City to visit Fort Delaware.

The fort is on Pea Island in the Delaware River.  The current fort was  built from 1848-1860 to protect Philadelphia.  This is the third fort to be built on the Pea Island.

During the Civil War, the Island was used to house Confederate POWs and political prisoners.  There were 51 Barracks built outside the Fort to house the POWs.  Each Barrack housed 250 prisoners.  The original Barracks are all gone, but this replica was built in 2001.


Inside the Barrack

80 POW Barracks

The crew arrived on Pea Island by a short Ferry Boat ride from Delaware City.  After arrival at the Island they took a tram from the waterfront dock to the Fort entrance.

64 Ferry to Fort Delaware

Shortly after arrival, they watched a cannon demonstration where a 5-man cannon crew loaded and fired the gun.  Interesting enough, the Fort had cannons aimed in the general direction of the Southern prisoners.  The threat of a cannon blast kept the POW’s in line because there was never any issues of rebellion from the prisoners.


The crew spent about two hours wandering around the fort taking the self guided tour.  There were many volunteers in period costumes in the rooms to answer questions about life at the Fort.

Crossing the moat at the Sally Port


The Kitchen


The Mess Hall

70 Mess Hall

A few soldiers cleaning their guns


The Store Room Clerk


The Doctor was in


After a couple of hours, the heat and humidity had taken its toll and the crew was ready to make their way back to the main land.

Boat Name of the Week

The skipper is reading a book about the California Gold Rush, so he was a bit surprised at the timing of seeing this sailboat leave the Harbour.

Fools Gold


Next Week –

The crew will continue to sight see in the general area and start their move to New York City on Wednesday.  They hope to be in Cape May by Thursday and arrive in NYC on the following Monday.

Loop On

The water goes on forever and the adventure never ends.

Eric the Red

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  1. Hi Dave,

    It’s been great following, I was wondering if you could give a monthly snap shot over the last year or 6 months of what it cost running the boat. Not major repairs, but fuel, marinas, insurance costs, anything else I might be missing?

    in CA.


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