Still Waters II, by Shan Miller

IMG_0009We arrived in St. Augustine around 6 o’clock

Still Waters II was moored and docked.

Captain and 1st mate welcomed us aboard

David and Claudia, two people we adore.


Supper was shrimp and corn boiled just right,

Key Lime Pie for dessert, my, my, what a sight.

A glass of white wine really hit the spot

Could I be dreaming? Are we really dining on a yacht?


7.2The following day the touring began

A ride on the Red Train told the history of the land.

We watched cannons fire while at Fort Matanzas

A chocolate shop & factory was my David’s bonanza.



Easter Sunrise Service was held on Crescent Beach

So many people gathered, we couldn’t hear the preacher preach.

Even though we could not hear, we knew the point of the sermon

Jesus died and rose to give us life and take away our burden.


IMG_0077At Merritt Island we were excited to see

Quite a few VERY large Manatee.

You may have heard them called a Sea Cow

All I could say was “My Gosh” and “Oh Wow” !



Next stop was Titusville, not very far to travel

A missile launch was taking place at nearby Cape Canaveral.

We watched in awe and wonder as the missile traveled higher

The oohs and aahs from the crowd around us sounded like a choir.



The Captain and 1st mate thought we might like to cruise

Marineland was 2 hours away, we were ecstatic at the news.

Cruising on Matanzas Bay was in every way a treat

We recognize our blessings and this one was unique.


Oh! Don’t forget the lighthouse on Anastasia Island,

219 steps. We grew tired of climbin’.

Nothing would do than to have the Captain stand

Posed like the lighthouse was resting in his hand.



Thank You David and Claudia for being so very kind

For sharing your lives with us and weaving memories that bind.

We love you and we know that God continues to keep you safe

As you navigate His waters and proclaim His name is Great.

One Comment on “Still Waters II, by Shan Miller

  1. Yes God is great. He meets our every need. Trusting in Him, we’ll be guided and protected according to His will.

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