A ff Solve – Part 1 of 8

Many have looked at the words in the Forrest Fenn (ff) poem, but few actually see the blueprint the words actually draw. The crafty architect, ff, took 15 years to draft the plans to hide the design features concealed by the words in the poem. The information contained in this presentation unveils the design features built into the poem. Once you understand these design features, you will be able to read the blueprint. Once you learn to read the blueprint, you will be able to solve each stanza of the poem.

To start your journey to learn how to read the blueprint: click on: A Method to the Madness.

Tomorrow, July 6th, I will post: A Word That Is Key, which will unveil the mystery surrounding a key word needed to solve the poem. With these two modules, you should have sufficient information to work out the solve of the poem.

Good Luck

The skipper

The end of the trail starts here

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