A ff SOLVE – Part 5 of 8

Mike Cowling (a popular you tube ff treasure hunter) once did a video on the dust cover of The Thrill of the Chase (TTOTC). Mike correctly identified the dust cover to be a huge hint. However, to my incomplete knowledge, Mike never identified the truth behind the hint. This module will unveil the long sought out truth. That the good map that ff often references is none other than the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).

Notice similarities between the dust cover and the 12T zone

This module will explain at least six hints in TTOTC that would direct the savvy searcher to the MGRS. The module will go on to explain some of the solves of Stanzas 5 & 6 which will confirm the use of the MGRS as our long sought after good map. With this crown jewel unearthed, we have our second sign post which let’s us know we are still on the right path. With this sign post, we will also be able to more easily solve Stanzas 5 & 6, and eventually the poem.

The good map

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