A ff solve – Part 7 of 8

Stanzas 2 & 3 lead us on a trail that revealed the Blaze in the letters of the poem. This confirmed we were on the right path.

Stanza 4 was some table setting for the eventual solution. But notice that there are 12 T’s side by side in the poem before we solve Stanza 4.

We then revealed the ‘good map’ as the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS). The poem uses this coordinate system to direct you to within 1 square meter of our destination of the chest. The poem directs you to the 12T zone shown on the dust cover of TTOTC. We will reveal these twelve T’s in today’s section below.

In Stanza 5, the poem revealed the second part of the MGRS coordinate by revealing the true identity of the letter ‘I’ as actually the letters ‘TT’. There is a TT zone inside the 12T zone. All that is left to do is find the 10 digits that complete the MGRS coordinate: 12T TT 1234567890.

The first three lines of Stanza 6 reveal these 10 digits. Read The Beginning of the End to learn how ff hid this information in the poem, and how to decipher and find the 10 digits.

However, we will still have to solve one more clue, clue #9 in the last line of the poem to finally arrive at the long sought at answer to the location of the chest. We will reveal part 8 tomorrow.

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