A ff solve – part 8 of 8

We have solved all but the last line of the poem, I give you title to the gold.

We know our coordinate to be married to the good map, the Military Grid Reference (MGRS) still needs some work because currently the spot is less than 5,000 foot elevation. And ff has stated before that the chest was above 5,000 foot elevation.

To proceed to the summit and solve the poem, we need to solve the 9th and final clue, I give you title to the gold. 

The explanation to the final puzzle piece, the 9th clue, is in the module titled: The Grand Finale.

2 Comments on “A ff solve – part 8 of 8

  1. I came here for the Great Loop and found a puzzle instead! Your solution looks brilliant! I know it was supposedly found in Wyoming though… Thanks for the entertainment anyway! God bless!


    • I am glad you enjoyed my solve of the ff poem. You are correct, it has been announced that it was found in Wyoming.

      Based on that info, I went back to the poem, reversed engineered possible Wyoming areas based on the 12T zone. Turns out the poem will point you to a XQ zone in Wyoming. The only zone that matches the poem in Wyoming. Interesting also because the X is missing in the poem, and the hint that directs to XQ also points to line 14 in the poem. Line 14 contains the only ‘Q’ in the poem. Well two q’s. Look Quickly down your Quest to cease. Hmmm could it be XQ?

      We will probably never know. However, my latest solve for the poem is now in Wyoming:
      12T XQ 93553 04555


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