Announcing 2021 ITINERARY

The crew has been helping homeschool four of the grandkids since January. The grandkids took Spring Break the week of March 15 so the crew decided to perform a wellness check on Still Waters II. After the extreme cold spell a few weeks back the crew were a bit concerned how she weathered the freeze.

When they first arrived at the boat and looked around all seemed well. However, once the skipper turned on the water pump he quickly discovered the first pipe break under the galley sink. He fixed that leak by removing the broken water filter and reconnecting the piping. He turned the water back on and could hear a drip but could not find where the leak was actually located. In just a few minutes the drip became obvious as the cold water washing machine hose came loose from the threaded connection and water started spraying out from the open connection. After a trip to the local hardware store to procure a new hose, the skipper replaced the hose, and once again turned the water back on. He inspected the boat fore to aft and found no more leaks.

The skipper then hooked up dock side water and found a third leak. This one was not easy to get to, but perseverance paid off and finally the skipper repaired the line. After six hours of boat yoga in the engine room squeezed between the starboard engine and the hull, the Admiral suggested an aspirin to relieve the inevitable pain. After that repair was complete, the crew performed a third leak check and declared Still Waters II back to full health with no water leaks.

The crew has started to plan their 2021 adventure on the Ohio River up to Pittsburgh. It looks like it will take 30 travel days to cover the 1,230 miles from Columbus, Mississippi to Pittsburgh. The crew plans to launch the trip sometime in mid May. Hope to see you onboard.

Eric the Red

5 Comments on “Announcing 2021 ITINERARY

  1. Hmmm excuse me but I want to see you at the end of May beginning of June!!!! Fingers crossed we can go to OKC!
    Glad you got the Still Waters II ready to go.


  2. Be sure to enjoy the sites along the way. Don’t forget to view the painted flood wall in Portsmouth.


  3. Hello Dave and Claudia! Looking forward to seeing your travel blog as you travel the Ohio River this year. Good news that there were only a few leaks requiring your plumbing skills to repair. Hugs to you both!!


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