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We Have Lift Off

Hello virtual crew members and fellow adventurers!  Welcome back for the 2018 cruising adventure.  Hope you are staying warm where ever you may be holed up for this cold spell.   Summary of week: The crew made about 200 miles south, over the four…

ODE of the White Flag

My crew learned of the Great Loop in 2010 from a business associate named Al Darelius.  Soon after, my crew joined the AGLCA and began their five-year planning process to circumnavigate America’s Great Loop.  Somewhere along the way they ordered a White Burgee from…

Two for the Price of One

Our adventurers made their first solo run from Vero Beach to Cocoa, Florida on Friday, July 10th.  The run was a total of 55 miles, 5 bridges and no locks. The morning started with glassy smooth water and no breeze.  They cast off the…

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