Month: July 2021

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Ahoy from Louisville! John E. has joined the virtual crew. He and his family are just getting into boating, and our crew introduced them to America’s Great Loop while in Pittsburgh. Welcome aboard! Summary of the Week Last week the crew had stopped in… Continue Reading “Cheeseburger in Paradise”

Mothman Madness

Ahoy from Portsmouth! Summary of the Week As many of the pioneers did back in the day, the crew shoved off from Pittsburgh and have begun their descent down river. They made 6 stops while cruising 356 miles this week. They returned to Chester… Continue Reading “Mothman Madness”

Boatgating in Pittsburgh

Ahoy from Pittsburg The crew would like to welcome the skipper’s cousin, Brian, aboard. Hope you enjoy the voyage. Summary of the Week This week the crew traveled four days to arrive in Pittsburgh at mile Zero on the Ohio River. They made the… Continue Reading “Boatgating in Pittsburgh”

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