Pelicans in Paradise

Hello virtual crew members and fellow adventures!

Welcome back onboard as we begin to cruise in 2017

Eric here catching you up to date on the latest travels of Still Waters II. Click on this link to see the day- to-day travel log.


Summary of week:

After spending a month at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama the crew finally cruised a whole day last week.  They left The Wharf on Friday the 13th and made their way to Palafox Pier in Pensacola, Florida.


But before we get started cruising, the crew would like to give a shout out and congratulations to LeryLynn for crossing their wake as they made the run to The Wharf.

Wayne and Lynn with their Gold Burgee



Celebrating new Gold Loopers Lynn and Wayne.  Brenda and Scott also at the party.


Friday, January 13, 2017

The crew had planned to cruise along the panhandle of Florida with The Lord’s Provision. However, Roger came over in the morning and informed our crew that Grace was ill and was headed to the hospital.  The skipper helped Roger move The Lord’s Provision over for a pump out and get resettled in her slip before setting out for Pensacola.

Still Waters II at rest at The Wharf
Leaving The Wharf

The cruise was exceptional for dolphin watching.  The crew counted about 35 dolphins swimming and playing in the water today.




Just before noon, the crew re-entered Florida waters after leaving them in April 2016.  Little-by-little, the crew is sneaking up on their goal of crossing their wake in Ft Myers.  Today was a major milestone in this quest.


Cruising along the Gulf Islands National Seashore.


Entering Pensacola Bay.


After crossing Pensacola Bay, the crew landed at Palafox Pier.  After securing the boat, the crew headed out to learn about the history of Pensacola.



Luna who landed in Pensacola in 1559

The Pensacola colony got off to a rocky start.  In September 1559, they were wiped out by a hurricane.  The survivors continued to try to make a go of it for two more years but finally abandoned the colony in 1561 and returned to Veracruz.


The Spanish settled the area again in 1698 to guard Florida from the French who were expanding eastward from New Orleans.  This Spanish period lasted till 1719.





The French then controlled the area 1719-1722. As with the first colony, a hurricane destroyed Pensacola and the French burned what survived.  The French then moved back west to New Orleans.




The Second Spanish period was 1722-1763.  The Spanish reclaimed the area and moved Pensacola from the barrier islands to its present location.

The Treaty of Paris-1763, transferred Florida to the British following the French and Indian War because the Spanish had sided with France.

The Third Spanish period was 1781-1819.  Following the Revolutionary War the British gave the land along the coast all the way to the Mississippi River back to the Spanish.


Spain sold the Louisiana territory to France.  The French then sold the land to the United States in 1803.  This basically surrounded the Spanish area known as East and West Florida by the growing United States.

Andrew Jackson led the US invasion to Spanish West Florida

In 1819 the United States invaded Pensacola and took control of the area.  In 1821, Spain sold Florida to the United States.











On January 10, 1861, Florida became the third state to leave the United States and join the Confederate States of America.

Following the Civil War, Florida was readmitted to the Union on June 25, 1868.



While walking around historic Pensacola the crew began sighting Pelicans in Paradise, a public art display scattered around Pensacola.  The crew found 14 of the  Pelicans that were within walking distance of the marina.

Some of the crew’s favorite pelicans:


A few feathered friends that were too far away to go find on foot.


Peg Leg Pete


While walking around historic Pensacola looking for Pelicans, the crew stumbled upon this modern piece of history, The Morrison Family Homestead.  The home was built in 1906.  The Morrison family bought the home in 1932.  The lead singer of the Doors, Jim Morrison, was born and raised in this home.  Who would of known?


Next Week – The crew plans to continue along the panhandle of Florida and visit Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, and Port St. Joe.  The crew will stage in Port St. Joe and wait for a weather window which will allow them to cross the Gulf over to the west coast of Florida.

Loop On – The water goes on forever and the adventure never ends.

Eric the Red

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