Run to St Augustine

Hello fellow adventurers and virtual crew members!

Eric here reporting on the latest movement of Still Waters II.  She journeyed from Palm Coast to St Augustine on Sunday, July 19, 2015.  Her journey entailed 32 miles, 3 bridges, and lots of beautiful views.

Lucky for the crew the voyage was all pleasure and no surprises.  Mostly cruising in good deep water.  There was one interesting site along the way.  An old spainish fort, Fort Matanzas at mile 793.

Fort Matanzas
Fort Matanzas

The fort was built by the spainish in 1782 to protect St Augustine’s southern approach.  The fort is now a national monument.

The next major structure was the St Augustine Lighthouse.

Built in 1874
Built in 1874

As the crew turned the next bend the old city came into view and the view was breathtaking.

St Augustine, established 1565
St Augustine, established 1565

Docking is getting easier for our skipper and crew, and once they were tied up they noticed they were docked just south of Phase II.  This is the third port that the two crews from Texas have crossed wakes.


After docking, the crew made things ship shape and went exploring into St Augustine.  With 450 years of history to explore, this port call will be for a week as the crew tours all the sites around St Augustine.

The following link is a video of the run to St Augustine. It takes about 2 minutes to load the 3,500 pics taken on the voyage.  So please be patient. The video is also 8 minutes long. This is a work in progress as we experiment with timing of the time elapsed pics.  However, I hope the virtual crew members find it interesting.  Any suggestions to the budding videographer are welcome.

2 Comments on “Run to St Augustine

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  2. It will be fun to follow your blog as you are following our wake around the loop. We are at mile 145 now in route to Norfolk. It sounds like we have much in common… Curtis Stokes, Chris and Alyse, and our new boats! Hope we can meet up on the water one day.


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