Onward and Upward

Hello virtual crew members and fellow adventurers!

Welcome aboard to Dave and Barbara, of Miss My Money. Hope to cross paths this next week as both crews, head up the Champlain Canal.

Summary of week:

Not much progress the last two weeks as the crew waited for the opening of the Champlain Canal.

The crew traveled from Bear Mountain State Park on Memorial Day and took a slip at Shadows Marina in Poughkeepsie (1). The next day, the crew headed to Oklahoma City to watch the Women’s College World Series. The crew returned to Poughkeepsie on Thursday, June 6th. The Champlain Canal opened on June 5th, so the crew headed north and anchored out off Houghtailing Island (2).

Click on the Still Waters II Travel Map site to see detailed voyage logs.

The voyage of discovery did answer the following questions this week:

1 How much money was offered to Benedict Arnold to swap sides in the Revolutionary War?

2 What was the prize that the British hoped to gain from Benedict Arnold?

3 Who do historians credit for pushing Benedict Arnold to his treasonous actions?

At the Box Office

To see past videos, click on the link to the Still Waters II Vimeo site.  The library contains videos of Still Waters II cruising America’s Great Loop

Monday, May 27th

This tends to be one of the crew’s favorite cruising days as they go by West Point and Bannerman’s Castle on their way to Poughkeepsie.

Bannerman’s Castle

As the crew passed by Bannerman’s Castle they wondered if there was any resolution in the alleged kayak murder mystery. Back in April 2015, an engaged couple went for a kayak paddle around the island that the castle sits on. The woman returned ashore but the body of the man was found a month later down the river near West Point.

The woman was charged with murder and has been sitting in jail awaiting trial, while expressing her innocence. She claims that it was just a boating accident involving bad judgement. For example, drinking while paddling, not wearing a life jacket, and kayaking in cold stormy weather.

Forget the fact that she admitted she removed the drain plug from his kayak so it would fill with water and sabotaged his paddle so it would come apart and not work properly.

The prosecution offered her a plea deal in the summer of 2017, where she agreed to criminal misconduct, negligent homicide, and would be released from jail for time served.

The family of the deceased was not impressed, so they filled suit preventing her from getting any insurance money [just a mere half million policy] and also filed civil lawsuits. Both sides have reached an agreement where by little miss negligent homicide gets no money, gets deported back to Russia, and family drops civil lawsuits for the death of their son. So much for her big American Dream.

Her greed for the insurance money is one of the oldest motives for murder. Greed was also the motivation for another high crime during the Revolution War. However, the crime this time was treason.

West Point

Benedict Arnold had just been named commander of West Point on August 3, 1780. His wife was a British Loyalist, and pressured her husband to surrender West Point to the British. On August 15, 1780 the British offered Arnold 20,000 pounds for the fort. On August 30, 1780 Arnold sent a letter back to the British accepting the offer. Unfortunately for Arnold, the British contact was captured on the way back to New York City. The contact was eventually found guilty of crimes and hung in Tarrytown.

Arnold learned of the capture and managed to find his way to British troops before the Patriots could capture him.

Besides greed, these two stories have a second connection. Historian Wetherell says that the shortest explanation for Arnold’s treason is that he “married the wrong person.”

Tuesday, May 28th

Walkway Over the Hudson Trail Map, just under 4 miles

On Mid Hudson Bridge, looking north

On Walkway Over the Hudson Bridge, looking south

While the crew waits on the Champlain Canal to open, they will do a little land time, rent a car, drive 1,500 miles to Oklahoma City, and watch the Women’s College World Series with their softball family.

14 years ago eating BBQ between games

3 years ago at the stadium

Monday, June 4th

Three of the grandsons showed up in OKC on Sunday. The extended crew spent the afternoon at Riversports kayaking, zip lining, and climbing the obstacle course tower.

After playing hard all afternoon, it was time to get something to eat.

Wednesday, June 5th

The crew learned that the Champlain Canal is now partially opened. About half the Canal, the first five locks, have been made operational. Rumor has it that the canal will be fully open by Friday. This is good since the crew is about half way back to New York and itching to get headed north.

Thursday, June 6th

Good news, the Champlain Canal is now fully operational as of 1300.

Saturday, June 7th

After making it back to the boat on Thursday and resting on Friday, the crew headed north on the Hudson River. They did not leave the marina until 1330 so they could ride the current north. Strange that the river flows both ways this far north, 100 miles above New York City. Must be why the Indians called it ‘the river that flows both ways.’

Culinary Institute from the water

The crew monitored their progress as they passed lighthouses along the route.

Espous Meadows Lighthouse

Kingston Lighthouse

Saugerties Lighthouse

Hudson City Lighthouse

At the end of the day, the crew dropped anchor off Houghtailing Island.

View from anchorage

Boat name of the week

Miss My Money

Next Week –

The crew will transit the Champlain Canal and make way past Fort Ticonderoga to Vergennes on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain.

Loop On – Where the road ends, the water begins. The water goes on forever, and the adventure never ends.

Eric the Red

3 Comments on “Onward and Upward

  1. Guess what we got in Oklahoma today? MORE RAIN! At this rate, you might be able to boat to OKC next….

    Good seeing you both as well! Glad the grandkids enjoyed their time too! Looking forward to reading along with ya’lls next journey!


    • David found out that we can cruise to Tulsa, so that’s super cool that we might come to softball via boat some year.
      Thank You to The Colliers and Sharon for all that y’all do for our Softball Family, Great Times with Great Friends. 😍


  2. Glad you arrived safely back to Stillwater’s II. Was great seeing you both in OKC! Have fun on this years venture! Loop on my friends!!
    Stay safe

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